sony readerIt’s Official—The Sony Reader is Kaput (The Digital Reader)
Sony has confirmed today that they will not be making another ebook reader – not even for their sole remaining market in Japan.

For the Author’s Guild & Other Legacy Publishing Pundits (Joe Konrath)
I tweeted to CJ, who is the Guild’s executive Council, that she could email me and I’d give her my Guild wish list. (CJ is on the road, but she just kindly responded in the comments.) It got me thinking what an actual name-representative Authors Guild would do for authors.

Building a Better Amazon (PW)
So, over two days last week, I convened a meeting in New York of some of the brightest minds in publishing to tackle the topic of creating the “perfect” e-book store. The premise was simple: if we—as readers, writers, publishers, agents, librarians, and booksellers—were given unlimited time and resources to build our own vision of e-book nirvana, what features would it have that are either lacking at Amazon or that exist only in bits and pieces across a disconnected e-book ecosystem?

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Issues with Your iPad and iPhone (GigaOM)
When you experience poor network connections, slow or sluggish performance, or even times when the device simply won’t respond, there are a wide range of symptoms that may have one thing in common, a simple solution.

Kindle Daily Deals: Epic Fantasy books by L. E. Modesitt, Jr (and more)

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"I’m a journalist, a teacher and an e-book fiend. I work as a French teacher at a K-3 private school. I use drama, music, puppets, props and all manner of tech in my job, and I love it. I enjoy moving between all the classes and having a relationship with each child in the school. Kids are hilarious, and I enjoy watching them grow and learn. My current device of choice for reading is my Amazon Kindle Touch, but I have owned or used devices by Sony, Kobo, Aluratek and others. I also read on my tablet devices using the Kindle app, and I enjoy synching between them, so that I’m always up to date no matter where I am or what I have with me."


  1. “Building a better Amazon” seems to me a preposterous notion. Amazon is a monopoly with massive economic clout. No one can possibly create a viable equal at this point. I would think that writers creating a collective bargaining unit, an actual content creators trade union (which the Author’s Guild is not), is the only practical means to writers making sure they are not getting ripped off by either traditional publishers or Amazon.

    When my first novel was published I joined the National Writers Union for several years, but they did not have the numbers/muscle to make any real headway.

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