coverI love buying e-book bundles from Humble Bundle and StoryBundle! While the topics don’t always appeal, they are an unbeatable value when they do click for you. This year’s just-released ‘Write Stuff’ bundle is a prime example.

With Amazon now paying even us foreigners via painless electronic funds transfer, I find myself more motivated than ever to put my summer vacation downtime to productive use and get writing. The books in this year’s bundle focus more on the business side than last year’s more craft-focused bundle. There are titles from the bundle’s editor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and from big names like Lawrence Block as well.

What I love most about these bundles is the business model. You get all the books DRM-free in multiple formats, and you can choose to allocate some of your purchase price to charity as well. The basic tier is just five dollars, but for $15, you get ten complete books. I’m going for it. Who is with me?

[I just went for it, too. —CM]

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