jasindawilderYou won’t see this kind of success story out of just any self-publishing writer, but it’s great when you come across it. CBS News reports on a couple going by the pseudonym “Jack and Jasinda Wilder” who have five children, and who hit a financial crisis when one of the kids’ illnesses and cuts at work meant they lost most of their income.

Uncertain what else to do, the Wilders started writing, turning out “a series of sometimes steamy romance novels” which they self-published. The books picked up Internet buzz and before they knew it they were earning enough to cover their $1,200 monthly mortgage payment.

"So we just started writing like mad," Jasinda said. "And I think in like six months we put out 20 titles."

"We decided we weren’t gonna leave our house," she added. "I think we showered 3 times."

One of their books, Falling Into You, hit the number one list on Amazon, and in less than a year they’ve sold nearly a million copies.

Not everyone is going to see this kind of success, but it’s great that they did. Just goes to show that well-written steamy romance sells really well, I guess.


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