The stories about Rights Haven’t, I mean Righthaven, just keep getting better and better. The latest word is that the online content copyright troll has petitioned a federal judge to set aside a $30,000 legal fee judgment against it and allow it to continue suing individuals. The company stated that if this isn’t done, the defendant could move to seize Righthaven’s copyright assets and Righthaven might have to declare bankruptcy.

This is amusing to me for a couple of reasons. First of all, a company that could afford to file over 275 lawsuits in various jurisdictions is balking at a mere $30,000? With what they must have been paying lawyers, that would seem to amount to pocket change. Second, what copyright assets? The ones that are riddled with “take-backs” clauses and that the judges have said do not actually give them the standing to sue anyone?

I think I need to go back out to the concession stand now. My popcorn bucket is empty.


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