education technologyYou Are Asking the Wrong Questions About Education Technology (Forbes)
It sounds convincing. We should certainly embrace tools and technologies that will help educators become more impactful. But we should do it because it works, not for the sake of modern humanity’s obsession with progress, newness, innovation, and disruption.

Online Bookstores to Face Stringent Privacy Law in New Jersey (The Digital Reader)
That act would make it unlawful to share information about your book use (borrowing, downloading, buying, reading, etc.) with a third party, in the absence of a court order to do so. That’s good for your reading privacy, but a real problem for almost anyone running a commercial “book service”.

15 Lessons from 15 Years of Blogging (Anil Dash)
Some of these things may be obvious, and some may be slightly corny platitudes. But I hope a few will be useful to you. I’m far from an expert on this stuff, even after all these years, so I hope documenting my mindset when writing here might at least serve as a good reference for myself in the future.


My Advice to Authors United (Joe Konrath)

While they haven’t lacked for biased media attention, they aren’t swaying Amazon, and aren’t swaying public opinion. Amazon’s approval rating has gone up since the Hachette negotiations went public, and readers don’t give a hoot about a bunch of rich, entitled authors whose pre-order buttons are gone.


Kindle Daily Deal: Murder in Caney Park (and others)


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