audiobooksThings I Think About While Listening to Audiobooks (Book Riot)
I’m not the only one with audiobook questions, I can’t be, because so many of us listen to audiobooks, and some other people must have questions too? Do you share my questions? What are yours?

Content was What was Holding Back Japanese eBook Market, Not Twice-Shy Customers (The Digital Reader)
In a country  that invented the idea of cellphone novels, developed the first E-ink ereader, and has gadget-loving consumers who commute long distances everyday, it is a little odd that ebooks didn’t explode in Japan long before the Kindle launched in the US.

3M Unveils Next-Generation Library eBook App for Cloud Library (Digital Book World)
Along with improved aesthetics, 3M Cloud Library app users will have options to sort titles into personalized categories and flag favorite types of content.

Thanks to Tablets and Better TV Tech, There are More Gadgets but They’re Using Less Energy (GigaOM)
Stop feeling so guilty about piling on the gadgets. Technology gains are leading to more energy-efficient gadgets.

Kindle Daily Deal: The She Can Series (and others)


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