sony ereadersA Case for Old-School Values is a Click-Driven Journalism Landscape (Media Shift)
I’d argue though that the smartest bets in media are going to be companies that fulfill the best values of traditional journalism through the means and necessities of the new digital landscape.

People Still Love Their Sony eReaders (GoodeReader)
Why are readers so enamored with a company that have completely abandoned the consumer sector? A number of users have weighed in from all four corners of the internet.

Charting Nook’s Decline (Digital Book World)
What was once thought to be the only credible challenger to Amazon’s dominance of the ebook business in the U.S. has fallen into a distant second or third position in the marketplace…

Six Unanswered Questions About the Apple Watch (GigaOM)
We now know what the Apple Watch will do, what it will look like, and what it’s called. But the big Apple reveal raised even more questions about its specs and how it will work in day-to-day usage.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Temple of Gold (and others)


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