mobile firstKindle Direct Publishing Now Offers Up to Date Sales Data (GoodeReader)
Self-published authors can celebrate as Amazon introduced a brand new Sales Dashboard on the KDP Reports page to give you up-to-date reporting of paid, borrowed and free orders as they are placed in Kindle stores worldwide.

Stand Down, Amazon Warriors: Comic Book Guys Already Killed the Comic Book Store (Book Riot)
My relationship with brick-and-mortar comic shops ended pretty much the second comiXology entered the market place. For me, it isn’t Amazon that will kill the independent comic shop: it’s the Comic Book Guy.

Publishers: Mobile First Isn’t Enough (The Digital Shift)
While mobile is the fastest area of growth, according to comScore (among others), they find only about 8 percent of users are mobile-only. Growth is an exciting thing to focus on, but media companies can’t afford to lose sight of the bigger cross-platform picture.

Enhanced eBooks Don’t Necessarily Enhance Education (The Digital Reader)
We’ve long known that when games and other enhancements are added to ebooks they can  distract readers from paying attention to the text, and now it appears that enhancements can have a negative academic impact.

Kindle Daily Deals: Three Crime Fiction Books (and others)

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