ebookReport from Frankfurt Book Fair: Digital is Growing Up! (Digital Book World)
I have been attending the Frankfurt Book Fair for many years now. Many of you might agree with me when I say that there was a definite decline in the hustle-bustle during the first few days of the “Messe.” Although despite the calm, one could easily spot the influence of digital publishing everywhere. I believe, we are witnessing a maturity in the industry today – a growth in eBook revenues, widespread acceptance of digital business models and maturity in digital publishing processes. It’s now safe to say that digital is growing up!

Even Amazon Can’t Keep Up the ‘You Only License eBooks’ Shuck (Boing Boing)
Ebook sellers characterize the transaction that you undertake when you plunk down your money as a “license” and not as a sale.

Why we Need to Challenge Today’s eBooks (Brave New World)
Offered below are just three arguments that force us to question what we publish today and what we should publish tomorrow. Individually, the arguments may not pass the ‘so what?’ test, but taken together they should ring alarm bells in every publishing building.

Flipping the Library: Tips from 3 Pros (The Digital Shift)
Through the use of innovative technologies and online resources, school libraries can now be available to students wherever—and whenever—they need them. “Flipped” or blended learning offers students the power of personalized instruction, through a mix of virtual and face-to-face interactions, at a student’s own pace.

Kindle Daily Deals: Nothing Gold Can Stay (and 4 others)

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