From Format War to Sustainability Fight (Future Book)Morning Roundups
History is repeating itself. The developments we currently see with e-books, are in fact not new. In the early eighties there was a battle between the image carriers Betamax, VHS and Video 2000.

HarperCollins Launches e-Insider Program for Free Books (Good e-Reader)
The new eInsider program is a new initiative by HarperCollins that will allow authors to send out samples, or the full edition of the book. Authors belonging to the publishing label will get a set of unique codes that can be redeemed for the entire eBook and can only be used once, before they expire.

Creative Control, Ease of Publishing and Money Pushing Authors to Self-Publish (Digital Book World)
Hybrid authors who self-published their last book did so because of the amount of creative control they retained, the ease of the publishing process and the amount of money they can make, according to a new report from Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest about the habits and preferences of hybrid authors.

Random House UK’s new Narrative Fiction Game is Now Live (The Digital Reader)
The Black Crown Project, Random House UK’s new foray into interactive fiction, is now live.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (and 3 others)

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