dyslexic-font1-250x140This Typeface Simulates Reading with Dyslexia (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Daniel Britton doesn’t have to wonder; he’s had the condition all his life, and now he’s found a way to communicate it to others.

TeleRead Take: I’ve always had sympathy for people with dyslexia, but it grew significantly after reading this article. I could read virtually none of the sample text. As much as I love reading, it’s painful to think of others doing with difficulty what I do with ease.

Opinion: Seven reasons I think Apple may become a bank within the next five years (9 to 5 Mac)
Now that Apple Pay has launched, and already proven a big success, I think the argument for Apple to make the move are even stronger. So here are seven reasons I think Apple may become a bank within the next five years …

TeleRead Take: While he makes some good points, I’m not sure I’d use Apple as a bank. I can’t even put my finger on why exactly. It just leaves an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Which is interesting, because I like Apple and their products a lot.

Stowaway Cat Sneaks Into An Airplane And Rides The Wing Back To Earth (Flight Club)
Just another routine flight in this ultralight aircraft, ‘til a cat pops out of the port side wing and realizes why its sleeping spot got so noisy all of a sudden! Don’t worry, the plane and cat got down safely.

TeleRead Take: Yes, I do like cats, and, even though I knew the cat made it down safely, I was on the edge of my seat watching the video. I know it’s only marginally (if that) on topic, but it was too good a story not to share.

Supreme Court Quotes Spiderman’s ‘Great Power, Great Responsibility’ Line In Rejecting Royalties On Expired Patent (Techdirt)
The Supreme Court ruled on the case today and did, in fact, protect the public domain, saying that Marvel doesn’t need to pay. Specifically, the Court rejected a request to overturn a previous ruling (the “Brulotte” case) that said that you cannot charge royalties on an expired patent. The majority decision was written by Justice Kagan (who has shown, in the past, to understand these issues pretty clearly). It was a 6 to 3 ruling, with Alito, Roberts and Thomas dissenting.

TeleRead Take: Yes, I did select this one because of the Spiderman line. Best part? Justice Kagen quoted a comic book, not the movie. Nerd cred!!

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