science fictionIs Internet Addiction Real? (GigaOM)
The stories are numerous, yet extreme, and thus widely covered. You’ve probably heard at least a few.

Spotify for Books: Authors and Publishers May Constrain the Rise of e-book Subscriptions (The Economist)
The record companies tolerate music-streaming services like Spotify, which pay them only modest fees, because the alternative is a continued rise in music piracy—on which they earn nothing at all. However, piracy of e-books is not such a problem…

Does the Science of Science Fiction Matter? (Book Riot)
I love Neil deGrasse Tyson, so believe me when I say upfront that this isn’t a criticism of him–it’s just something that has made me think.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Would Never Publish Traditionally (Dean Wesley Smith)
Got an interesting question last week when sitting having dinner with an old friend. He wanted to know why I said I would never go back to publishing novels with traditional major publishers.

Kindle Daily Deal: Presumption of Guilt (and others)

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