marvelEU Court of Justice Says Embedding is Not Infringing (Techdirt)
TorrentFreak, however, now lets us know that in an important ruling from the EU Court of Justice (responding to a request from a German court), it has been declared that, under EU law, embedding is not infringing.

Kindle Scout: One Reader’s Opinion (The Digital Reader)
I’ve spent a couple hours browsing Kindle Scout this morning. I haven’t found anything that I desperately wanted to read further (I am a picky reader), but I also didn’t see any really bad works either.

A “Critical Moment” for eBook Subscription Services (Publishing Perspectives)
We need innovation, and Kindle Unlimited might not be publishers’ best option, argues 24symbols co-founder, Justo Hidalgo.

Marvel Adds Digital Comics to Kobo Catalogue (Digital Book World)
Marvel adds many of its most popular digital comics to Kobo’s content library, in a deal a Kobo spokesperson says encompasses more than 250 fixed-layout illustrated ebooks.

Kindle Daily Deal: Penmarric (and others)


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