20150830_171117_HDRI’ve been using my Karma Go hotspot for the last couple of weeks since it arrived, and have been enjoying it considerably. Its 4G service is fast and dependable, and it’s easy to charge up and keep charged. So far, I’ve had two people hook onto my hotspot and sign up to get free WiFi access via the 100 MB that Karma provides new subscribers. (I’ll admit, I do feel a little guilty when I see that happen shortly before I have to leave somewhere, or even a few minutes after I left the area. But those are the breaks!)

If you haven’t signed up and are thinking about it, this is a good time. Through Monday the 31st, Karma is offering double data packages: buy their $99 10 GB package and get an extra 10 GB free. (Or you could buy one of their cheaper, smaller packages and have that doubled, too, but why not get the best value you can?) $5 per GB is a ridiculously good deal on 4G data, and a great way to start you off if you’re just now buying a hotspot. (And remember, you can save $10 on the cost of a $150 hotspot by using this referral link.)

It’s so much cheaper than Republic Wireless charges ($15 per gig), I’m seriously starting to consider dropping my Republic plan to Wi-Fi only and just using data through my Karma from now on.


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