costyleWhen I got my Karma Go router, one of the neat things that came with it was a little flat USB travel charging cable with magnetic heads. Both ends of the cable clipped together magnetically, and along with a plastic cable clip on the cable itself, it snapped together into a neat little pocketable package. I especially liked the flat USB heads and the built-in magnet. Very convenient. I wished I could get more cables like it—they’d be a lot more convenient than the prone-to-tangle flat USB cables I keep in my “digital burrito” pack.

As it happens, today I discovered that I can. It turns out there are several brands of flat cables with magnetic heads on Amazon, including InCharge, Costyle, and Urbo. InCharge specializes in super-short cables that snap together around a keyring, so you’ll always have it in your pocket, and they come in both microUSB and Lightning varieties. Urbo has similar keyring cables, Lightning-only. Costyle has six-pack and eight-packs of 8.5” microUSB cables, or an eight-pack of three-foot microUSB cables. They’re all quite reasonably-priced, too.

If you have the need to charge a lot of devices, this might be a great solution for keeping all those snarled-up cables straight—as well as always carrying an emergency charging cable in your pocket. I’m not too sure how well those super-short cables would stay snapped around a pocketed keyring, but I’m sure they’d be worth a try.


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