Kindle Fire 7 UKNormally I’m no fan of clickthrough or copycat journalism, but here’s one feature from the UK’s Mirror that is just too useful to Teleread readers to ignore – at least, for those living in the UK. Plus, the feature hasn’t taken on board Amazon’s just-announced new Kindle lineup, including the new Kindle Fire 7, which is already up for pre-order in the UK and due to debut in Blightly on September 30, the same date as the US release, at £49.99 ($78.20), versus the US price of $50.00.

The Mirror feature gives a handy breakdown of the best deals available for various models of Kindle in the UK – though as it happens, none of those deals comes in cheaper than the £49.99 sticker price for the new Kindle Fire 7. In fact, all of those deals may need revisiting in the light of Amazon’s new lineup, which will deliver, for instance, a Kindle Fire HD8 for £129.99 ($203.40). That’s actually more expensive than any deal mentioned in the Mirror article, but some customers may still prefer to hold out for the new models.

The Mirror piece also gives some extremely useful information on, and links to, the best deals options and alerts, refurbished and second-hand sales venues, and most important stockists for Kindles in the UK. Even with the new range of Kindles in the offing, these should be worth watching.

As in the US, there’s bound to be plenty of interesting debate in the UK and Europe about where the entire Kindle line will go from here, following Amazon’s essential reset of Kindle pricing. Drastic price cuts on current models? Fire [sic.] sales? Watch these spaces …


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