scheduleHere at TeleRead, we’re always interested in better serving the needs of our readers. So I thought I’d ask a question of you. How do you prefer to get your articles?

For most of the last few weeks, I’ve been writing articles in the early morning and then scheduling them to post every two hours—at 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, etc. Eastern time—figuring that folks might prefer the ability to see new content every so often as they check their feeds.

But for the last couple of days, I’ve tried posting everything at once at the start of the day, to give people a chance to have several things at once to read after they get up in the morning.

Which way do you prefer? Do you like having multiple articles ready for you first thing, or does it make you feel overwhelmed? Would you prefer having something new pop up every so often instead?

Of course, in addition to your answers, we’ll have to take our traffic figures into account, as well. If we get better traffic on days where we post everything at once, for example, that would be a strong indication, too.

We will be interested to hear what you think!


  1. I myself like the idea of starting out strong in the morning, so people can absorb the posts later on at their leisure and perhaps start comment threads early on. But that’s just me. I’m glad Chris is asking the question, and I hope a bunch of TeleRead community members will share their opinions, including the “why.” No set rules here. Mustard or ketchup? Thanks! David P.S. Please note that even with an early morning focus, we can do updates if the news requires them.

  2. David, I was asking for spread out posts because a “morning clump” of posts in my RSS feed is harder to scan through, and it’s easier for me to miss a story I would like to comment on or share.

    If you spread the posts out then each one is more interesting.

  3. I use Feedly, which I check once or twice a day, so it makes no difference to me how frequently you post. It’s quality, not quantity that matters most to me – as long as the signal-to-noise ratio remains positive, I’ll keep reading, even if I don’t get to the articles right away.

  4. I think I prefer them all at once in the morning but it’s a small preference. Either way works for me. I do check in several times a day and it is nice to find more to read, but I can come back later and read the stuff I don’t have time for in the morning.

    I say do what works best for you.


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