Travel blog produced this rather wonderful infographic of imaginary beings from the world over, gathering an entire Borges bestiary-worth of fabulous creatures. And even the most enthusiastic collector of imaginary fauna is likely to find novelties here. For instance, the Guita Xica is a new one on me although it comes from as close to home as Spain, and the bake-kujira is not only remote but also wonderful, as are the Madremonte and the Surale. You could almost work your way down the chart composing a new story about each – if you’re aspiring to be the next Neil Gaiman or Jorge Luis Borges, that is. Monstrously good fun.

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Paul St John Mackintosh is a British poet, writer of dark fiction, and media pro with a love of e-reading. His gadgets range from a $50 Kindle Fire to his trusty Vodafone Smart Grand 6. Paul was educated at public school and Trinity College, Cambridge, but modern technology saved him from the Hugh Grant trap. His acclaimed first poetry collection, The Golden Age, was published in 1997, and reissued on Kindle in 2013, and his second poetry collection, The Musical Box of Wonders, was published in 2011.


  1. Leaving out Africa was on purpose. No way a travel site, or anyone above 1st grade level education for that matter, would miss an entire continent by mistake,
    Its just amazing the level of contempt Europeans have for Africans. I just hope Africa remembers.

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