Groupees, the digital media distribution platform “designed to transform the digital media download experience into something FUN and SOCIAL tied to unique exclusive deals on music, games, and video,” is showcasing a “Lovecraftian Bundle” that offers an object lesson in how to do a themed bundle of ebooks, games, and associated audio and video properties. And it happens to be in a good cause.

“Pay What You Want ($1 minimum) for this creepy collection of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired games, music, and ebooks,” the introduction explains. “Choose for part of your contribution to be donated to Freedom For Jen, to help a woman with Muscular Dystrophy drive a car.” The bundle includes the video games Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, Exgenesis, Through The Shadows: Episode One, and Wait, as well as dark music from Cryo Chamber and Musica Cthulhiana, soundtrackesque sounds from Allicorn, the Lovecraftian rock opera Dreams In The Witch House, and the story collection The Altar in the Hills (and Other Weird Tales) by Brandon Barrows. The Lovecraftian Bundle is a limited-time offer running for 14 days, and as at the time of writing, has racked up over $2700 in total sales, which has already taken it past the Bonus thresholds which have added the soundtrack to Through The Shadows and a video from Dreams In The Witch House to the package. If sales reach $3000 (likely), customers will also receive the Lovecraftian SF ebook Skipdrive.

As a carefully ratcheted bundle, it seems a well-thought-out proposition, and sales appear to be creeping up every minute. And some of the games offered at least are first class. So run, crawl, flap, slither, do not walk to the Lovecraftian Bundle site for your tastes of terror.


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