Lovecraft finalist They Wait - Entertainment & Life - - Providence, RICan “real” writers learn to love FanFiction, with plots and characters inspired by existing books, TVs and movies? Some Florida authors are giving it a try August 11. From Orlando Weekly:

“Five local writers—including Teege Braune, Genevieve Anna Tyrrell and Stephanie Rizzo—present original works in a medium that celebrates unoriginality. The writers are being tight-lipped about what fandoms they’ll be tackling, but our made-up wishlist has John King covering Twilight, Braune on Star Wars and Rizzo reading an X-Men/Lord of the Rings crossover with plenty of slashy scenes between Magneto and Gandalf.”

Meanwhile you can read the finalists in the Providence Journal’s Lovecraft fan fiction content (image). Here’s a snippet from an entry from R.J. Kennett:

"It is with feeble and aging hands that I write you, my grandson, to deter you from your current path. Your mother has told me of your intentions to take your degree in archaeology and investigate the ruins of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. I implore you not to proceed. Investigate the Maya, Hittites, or ancient Chinese if you will but leave alone that which lies at Gobekli Tepe."

If you’re new to FanFic, check out a guide to the genre’s termonology.


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