Ever been on a date where you just could not connect in the least way with your nonsoulmate? He or she might as well have been an alien, with tentacles that, alas, you didn’t notice at first.

Now let’s go a step further. What if Mr. or Ms. Unright is indeed an alien, tentacles and all?

That, in fact, is one of the high points of Date Night on Union Station, E. M. Foner’s comic SF novel about “a galaxy run by AI where humans are just trying to earn a living.”

Currently free on Amazon, Foner’s own book is among the hundreds to which he links from his List of Free Sci Fi / Fantasy Kindle eBooks

You might also be interested in my 2007 TeleRead post, Free sci-fi online—from Arthur C. Clarke to Ursula Le Guin and Jerry Pournelle and countless others. I tried a few links and a related RSS feed, and believe it or not, I didn’t get “Page not found” errors. The master link from my old post goes to Free Speculative Fiction Online.

Now back to Foner. His main categories, actually links to Amazon’s, are:

As a special category, Foner also lists Out-of-Copyright Sci Fi Classics Free on Kindle.

Separately, Foner singles out for special attention Michael R. Hicks’s In Her Name (female warriors, as well as the concept of an “Earth based empire fighting an alien empire which is superior, but not really trying to win”) and Dominic Green’s Smallworld: A Science Fiction Comic Adventure.


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