SanDisk - How to use the new Kindle Fire range’s microSD external memory - TeleReadI’ve just hit a hugely vexing memory issue on the $50 Amazon Kindle Fire. I don’t know if anyone else has had this. It’s a problem I suspected might show up, but hadn’t been brought up against till now. If there’s a simple solution, I’d dearly like to hear it.

I’ve been trying to copy over downloaded and homebrewed EPUB e-books to the Fire’s microSD card. Some were downloaded directly from the internet to the Fire’s internal Download folder. Some were whipped up on a PC. But in both cases, I couldn’t get the files to copy into the Books directory of the microSD card. ES File Explorer wouldn’t copy over the files downloaded internally. My PC wouldn’t copy over the files on its desktop. What’s more, when I unmounted the microSD card and took it out of the Fire, and plugged it into a card reader, they still wouldn’t paste over to it.

This isn’t a problem with all Android tablets. I tried the same routine with the same files on my Lenovo A7-10, and it worked fine. But the Fire seems to somehow completely lock up the microSD card. Could this be the infuriating DRM feature that I mentioned in my earlier piece on using the Fire’s microSD card, at last causing serious problems? In any case, I’d seriously like a solution, and will be searching for one. Has anyone else had a similar problem?


  1. It’s a micro-SD card. There is no protect slider.

    I’m not sure why you’re having this problem, as I haven’t been having it. Though it could be that I created the directory myself, originally. If it was created by some software on the Fire, it could have set the permissions oddly or something.

    • Yeah, after I posted I searched and saw I was incorrectly assuming micro sdxc have the write protect slider. It does appear that the card might be write-protected in SW, and a Bing search for the issue can lead to suggestions on how to resolve it. But it does sound like a card issue, not a Fire issue.

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