norton-bloatware-adobe-digital-editions-500x308Download the installer for Adobe Digital Editions 4, and you might accidentally get more than you bargained for—an unwanted copy of Norton Security Scan.

Try out that ADE link at your own risk!

Unless you want the Norton crap, please please uncheck “Include Norton Security Scan” if you see a screen like the one shown. Notice how the check box isn’t in the most conspicuous location? What’s more, the accompanying print is smaller than the rest.

It isn’t just the involvement of a security software company that stands out here.

Public Libraries and their e-book vendors often point patrons in the direction of ADE to read their titles. This is one more reason why I’m rooting for the New York Public Library and others to come up with library e-reading apps that are more respectful of patrons’ genuine needs.

Why, just why, do Adobe and Norton need to resort to such tactics? Adobe was a true pioneer in the digital realm, giving us PDF, which, despite its downsides, was a genuine break through in the transition from print. As for Norton, I am running Norton 360 along with other protection programs. It isn’t perfect but serves a purpose. Bloatware-based marketing plans do not.

More from Nate, source of the screen shot.


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