bitlit_thumb.jpgEbook bundling service BitLit, most familiar for its Shelfie platform that facilitates ebook bundling with print titles, has announced a partnership with science publisher Springer. BitLit states that: “Springer, part of the newly formed publishing group Springer Nature, will add over 100,000 titles to the Shelfie app, making most of their full ebook catalogue available for bundling with respective print books.”

BitLit’s Shelfie app operates “by taking a photo of their bookshelf (a ‘shelfie’),” whereupon “readers can identify a list of books that are eligible for digital bundles. Readers download an ebook by using the app to snap a photo of their book’s copyright page marked with a bookplate, ex libris stamp or their handwritten name.” Note that BitLit does not archive ebooks itself. “The reason for this is that we think companies like Kindle, Apple, Kobo, and Nook do their jobs really well,” the company states. “BitLit makes sure you can read your ebooks however you want on your favourite device.”

BitLit’s somewhat casual approach may seem a little at odds with serious scientific publishing. However, Springer apparently takes it seriously enough. And according to BitLit’s CEO, Peter Hudson, “the addition of Springer’s titles will exponentially increase Shelfie’s catalogue.”


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