Fire HD 8 Readers EditionAmazon is running a gaggle of special offers that suggest it’s pushing to spread the customer love beyond its basic 7-inch $50 Fire, to its big siblings in the range, the Fire HD 8 and HD 10. Right now, the Fire HD 8 Essentials Bundle, which includes the 8GB Fire HD 8 itself, plus an Incipio Clarion Folio Fire HD 8 Case in black and a 2-pack NuPro Fire HD 8 Screen Protector Kit, is shipping for $177.97, down from the usual list price of $187.97. Then there’s a discount on the swank Fire HD 8 Readers Edition, which serves up the Fire HD 8 plus one year of Kindle Unlimited and a rustic leather case, with free shipping, all for $199.99 instead of the usual bundle price of $249.99.

The Fire HD 10, meanwhile, has several offers and bundles. There’s the discount on the basic Fire HD 10 itself, currently down at $179.99 from its usual list price of $229.99. There’s the Fire HD 10 Essentials Bundle, which offers pretty much the same package as the equivalent Fire HD 8 bundle, with the 16 GB Fire HD 10, an Amazon cover in black, and a 2-pack NuPro Screen Protector Kit, all for $229.97 instead of $294.97. And for true power users, there’s the Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle (see below), which serves you the Fire HD 10 itself, an Amazon Fire HD 10 Keyboard Case, NuPro Screen Protector Kit, and an AmazonBasics Capacitive Stylus, all for $279.96 instead of $359.96.

These follow on from the Kindle Essentials Bundle already covered by Chris Meadows at end January. Could this mean that the bundles are working, and shifting units? In any event, Amazon doesn’t want to leave you short of excuses to buy in and trade up to bigger and better Fires. And I can’t see any time limit on these offers, but perhaps it’s best to buy now and be sure. If that’s your thing, it’s a great time to catch a Fire.

Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle


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