Baen continues to add little improvements to its e-book store. The latest such improvement comes in the form of a bulk download system to allow people to download up to 100 e-books at a time.

It used to be that the only way to download multiple books at a time from Baen was to download the individual orders in which you purchased all those books. (I remember having to do that myself when I was in the process of loading up Calibre.) However, the new system enables you to filter your collection of books and download them en masse in any of the DRM-free formats Baen has to offer.

Just log into your Baen e-book store account and visit this page, then select the books you want to pull down from the list of all your Baen titles. After you download them, the site moves them to the end of the list to make it easy for you to keep track of which ones you have yet to download. I’m almost sorry I’ve got my entire Baen collection in my Calibre library already.

Perhaps the only question is why it took Baen 18 years of operation to implement such a useful method of downloading in bulk. Regardless, it’s available now and will be a big help to people who’ve made a lot of Baen e-book purchases over the years.

(Found via The Digital Reader and Mobileread.)


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