20160104_124855_HDRIt may still be a little unclear exactly how Kurt Vonnegut felt about e-books, but the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library in Indianapolis is a great resource for finding out just about everything else about the man and his works. And as it happens, it’s about to become an even greater one.

The Vonnegut Library is raising money to move out of its current location into a 5,400-square-foot building on Massachusetts Avenue that will give it four times as much room. This will give the library room to unpack and display more of its extensive collection of Vonnegut-related material, as well as put on more arts and humanities programs for the local community. The library has a good deal of programming planned for K-12 students, including a new suicide prevention and anti-bullying writing program.

The new location at 646 Massachusetts Avenue will be a lot more central than its old location out by the Canal Walk. The location is just a few blocks northeast of the three-story mural of Vonnegut downtown, and a few blocks southwest of one of Indianapolis’s best independent bookstores, Indy Reads Books. Mass Ave is one of Indianapolis’s more popular art districts, with plenty of museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops, and seems like a fitting environment for the Vonnegut Library. I look forward to visiting it in its new home.

The Vonnegut Library needs to raise $750,000 by July 1 to support the move. The money will cover its first three years of rent in the new location, as well as moving expenses. The library is accepting donations via a Capital Campaign page on its web site.


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