Fire colorsAmazon has just released three new colors for the $50 Fire tablet, options you may not want to take up – but at least they’re there. None of them to me seem much of an improvement on the basic black, but the fiery orange (apparently dubbed “Tangerine” by Amazon) might appeal to some as more in keeping with the Fire’s monicker and black-and-orange branding than the blue and magenta options. Still, for those of you who like these kind of colors, these are the kind of colors you like.

Otherwise, prices and specs seem unchanged from the original basic Fire, starting at $49.99, with the new 16 GB model starting at $69.99 also available in the same four color options. It’ll be interesting to see if the white, citron, and cobalt color options also available for the Fire HD 6 will eventually find their way to the $50 Fire. Meanwhile, here’s your chance to warm to a more colorful Fire. And with Amazon’s eagerness to sell the device in bulk, I’ll be interested to see if they do any color-coding promotions where each family member can get a different shade.


  1. On the plus side, eventually you’ll be able to buy the ones with the most unpopular colors for next to nothing. I recently bought a decent bluetooth speaker for only $15 because of the ugly green color. It works very well with my Fire tablet, replacing the lousy built-in mono speaker.

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