Publishers Weekly is carrying a report that provides a coda to the story we covered Tuesday about New York City considering a deal with Amazon to provide e-books to NYC schools. As it turns out, New York City’s board of education approved the deal, at $30 million for the first three years. New York City also has the option to renew for the last two years at $34.5 million.

Our story Tuesday has more details of the deal, but effectively it covers setting up an e-book store for purchase of digital media by New York City schools. Amazon would earn a commission of 10 to 15% on each purchase. The plan will take effect beginning with the start of the new school year this fall.

The plan includes only the electronic media, not Kindles or other hardware. It was briefly put in jeopardy when advocacy groups for the blind and vision-impaired felt the plan didn’t have sufficient accommodation for the visually-impaired. However, Amazon has committed to working with those advocacy groups to change that.


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