sharptabsEngadget has a report on another Japanese electronics vendor seeking to enter the US e-reader/tablet market. Sharp is going to be bringing its Galapagos tablets to the US in a retooled version that includes 3G data capability. It will also be changing its e-book format from its proprietary XMDF format to the more-widely-used EPUB.

The tablet will come in 5.5” and 10.8” sizes, and Sharp is currently seeking content partnerships and plans to have its own e-book store for the US market. It is also reportedly planning to bring the tablets to China, India, and Brazil.

Funny: the screen (presumably) from the e-book app depicted in the picture bears a remarkable resemblance to iBooks’s interface. Imagine that. The adoption of EPUB is a good sign, but it remains to be seen whether Sharp has a snowball’s chance of competing in the rapidly-saturating American tablet and e-reader market.


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