Of interest:

imageNetflix boss says DVD has two years left, from Christopher Null (pseudonym?) at Yahoo Tech. A preview of the fate of hard-copy books? The struggles of Conde Naste (thanks for the link, Felix) also isn’t the best of news for old media and related business models.

imageThe international digital rights mess, in Dear Author, quoting David Grigg’s guest post in the TeleRead blog (photo).

B&N’s possible plans for a share-an-e-book-option to offered with its readers, in a New York Times blog item.

More from the NYT account: “B.&N. has been talking to publishers about a new model, whereby users are granted a license to ‘lend’ an e-book to a friend. This could help the bookseller market the device to members of its book clubs program." One issue between B&N and publishers is how many loans a year the program would permit. Good for B&N for recognizing that books are social things! Some books can die for want of sharing.

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