toiletsHowever patriotic, I can’t help but observe that China is beating the U.S. in many ways these days, with or without Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Now add another to the list. The New York Times reports that the newest public restrooms in Beijing come not only with turbo-flush toilets and TVs but also with WiFi. Just the ticket for simultaneously downloading e-books while attending to the main business at hand? Ideally the WiFi speeds will be fast enough so you’ll easily have time to download your book even if you aren’t constipated.

So what do you think of WiFi equipped public restrooms? And know of any in the U.S. or wherever else you live? Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and China isn’t the leader in this strategic niche.

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  1. Not wifi restrooms specifically, but when I’ve checked McDonalds wifi always works in the restrooms, and same with truck stops that have wifi. On road trips I’ll map the next segment of the drive on my wifi only tablet while we’re stopped for a bathroom break. Sometimes that’s while I’m waiting in line, sometimes while I’m waiting on the rest of the people from the car, and yes I have multitasked a few times. On a 20 hour drive, a few extra minutes here and there adds up, so whatever you can do to minimize delays helps.

    I would suggest though, use some wet/sanitizer wipes on your device when you get back to the car.

  2. @De: Re sanitizer: Great idea—especially if, post-toilet, the wipe-downs are done before the return to the car or the start or resumption of the meal. As for truck stops and McDonalds–of course. But as you note, they are much more than restrooms.

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