Origin 622014 94923 AM.bmpThat’s peculiar. The pro-Amazon Len Sherman op-ed that I linked yesterday from Fortune Magazine seems to have vanished entirely from the site. Following the link leads to a 404 page.

Sherman reposted the essay to his own blog, so I wonder if he doesn’t expect it to come back.

It’s weird; I wouldn’t expect anything out of place in a pro-Amazon op-ed on Fortune. After all, news sites generally try to present a variety of viewpoints within their pages, including those they don’t necessarily agree with. And as pro-Amazon pieces went, Sherman’s seemed fairly tame. I try not to go in for “conspiracy theories” when there’s possibly a more reasonable explanation, but I nonetheless have to wonder…was Fortune/CNN somehow pressured into taking it down?

I can’t imagine why they would be, but…on the other hand, the article isn’t there anymore and the anti-Amazon one is.

I sent in a question about it using their digital edition support form, but I don’t really expect to get a useful answer back. I’ll update this piece if I do. How very bizarre.

Update: Sherman posted a comment to the original article noting that he doesn’t know why it vanished, he thinks it might have something to do with recent site infrastructure changes, and he’s emailed his editor to try to find out.


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