Apple shows spine in e-book trial (New York Post)Weekend Roundup
Apple, as expected, came out swinging against the Justice Department in the first week of its e-book price-fixing trial — and may have even scored some points with the judge.

Is the e-book judge starting to see things Apple’s way? (Fortune)
A subtle but potentially important shift took place Thursday in the Manhattan federal courthouse where U.S. District Judge Denise Cote just wrapped up the first week of the three-week civil antitrust case known as U.S.A. v. Apple.

Apple takes smart but much-needed gamble in e-book spat (Reuters)
Apple is taking a smart but necessary gamble in fighting e-book price-fixing charges. Making concessions to U.S. trustbusters in a settlement could have put iTunes and other products at risk. And despite awkward emails and Steve Jobs quotes – plus a judge inclined against it – Apple has law on its side.

Winnie the Pooh and Penguin take the stage in e-book trial (LA Times)
Apple enlisted the services of Winnie-the-Pooh on Tuesday in trying to show a court that it did not tinker with e-book prices when it opened its electronic bookstore in 2010, according to the Associated Press.

Amazon execs testify in e-book price-fixing case (Mediabistro)
The Department of Justice has shared direct testimony from three Amazon executives about tempestuous negotiations over the agency model for setting eBook prices in 2010.

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