coverOr at least a partly-Larry Niven e-book. At BookExpo America I picked up a special offer that’s good through the end of June for a free e-book from the Stellar Guild series via Phoenix Pick. These books are a unique form of collaboration in which a well-known author writes a novella in a setting, then a newer author writes another story in the setting to go with it. (I have one of the previous books in the series, Reboots featuring Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin.)

In this case, Larry Niven went back to one of his earlier novellas, “Flash Crowd,” and expanded it into a new work called “Red Tide.” Then he wrote another story in the setting, “Dial at Random.” After that, Brad R. Torgersen took over for another story, “Sparky the Dog,” and newcomer Matthew J. Harrington wrote the fourth story, “Displacement Activity.”

To download it, just go to, change the price to zero dollars and zero cents, and add the e-book to your shopping cart. Then click “Checkout.” It will ask for your name, email, and optionally your phone number, then let you download the book in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI format. The site also features a couple of other non-free e-book offers by Niven and others that might be worth a look.


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