A welcome tipoff from a TeleRead reader steered us over to Writer Beware, and a warning about a new Author Solutions-style e-vanity press, the UK’s Green Shore Publishing, the self-styled”best option for success in the European book publishing market.” And astute sleuthing by Writer Beware indicates that Green Shore comes to you courtesy of one of the best-attested author scamming names in recent years.

Packages offered by Green Shore range from a £300 ($511) “Affordable Publishing” package to “The Ultimate Chance at Success”at £1500 ($2555). A whole three (count ’em, three) “Reviews” by satisfied authors are offered as video testimonials for what Green Shore can do on behalf of its writers. That’s “Jack,” “Clive,” and “Richard,” in case any of you are moved to track down their bestsellers. Because interestingly, the Green Shore site offers no book catalog or link to Green Shore authors’ published works – which you’d think would be the absolute basic standard for a publisher. And sure enough, a search for Green Shore Publishing on Amazon.co.uk reveals precisely nothing from the company.

No surprise, perhaps, because as Writer Beware pointed out, Green Shore appears on the evidence to stem from Adam Salviani, the man responsible for Raider Publishing, already chronicled in countless anti-testimonials and even boasting a Facebook anti-page dedicated “to people who have paid good money to publish their work with ‘Raider Publishing International’ and have been let down big time.”

Incidentally, regarding Salviani’s move into Europe, the man himself gives a highly interesting interview with Europe & Me magazine, dated 2008 but updated since by the magazine’s editorial board with a 2013 note stating: “Recently, we have been approached by readers with concerns about the reliability and legality of projects undertaken by Raider Publishing International – see also the comment section under this article. E&M does not endorse this company and we advise writers to conduct thorough research on publishing houses before signing a contract with them.” Here’s what Salviani has to say for himself:

We’ve published authors from seventeen different European countries and we have a solid EU distribution system. And we’re always looking for new authors to join our company. Currently, we’re just looking for fiction, novels and poetry, but not for any specific subject matter … We have a wide range of services which vary based on what the author can afford or what services they desire. We do have a flexible payment plan to help those who can’t afford to pay our fees all at once. We also advise them on every phase of the publication process.

There you have it. Salviani claimed at the time that Raider Publishing was releasing 15-20 titles per month, citing works such as Lassiter Hill by Daniel Dundon which do at least appear on Kindle. Interestingly, Salviani also appears as an author of a series of titles, some of them Raider Publishing originals, others published by equally notorious vanity press iUniverse.

The guys behind the anti-Raider Publishing Facebook page have already started another one entitled “Do Not Publish With Green Shore Publishing.” Heed their words.



  1. Dear Adam Salviani, you know who I am. I am going to finish you and all of your scam company’s. I am going to see to it that you are put behind bars or even better buried under the Nevada desert. Just you wait my son, you are finished!!!

  2. As one of the hundreds of scammed authors (two books) I am happy to sign to any articles that bring about the charging and disclosure of this scam artist! Hopefully he will be brought to justice after stealing monies from us and selling our books and keeping the royalties owed to us!

  3. Since being scammed in 2009 my motives have always been about protecting those who may potentially fall prey to the disgusting tactics of Adam Salbiani and whomever he aligns himself with. Together we have successfully destroyed his flag ship Raider, and make no mistake, we will never stop until this individual is behind bars.

  4. Paul St John Mackintosh,

    I thank you for this piece about Adam Salviani. I am one of his victims, and in my last communication with him which went unanswered as is this man’s way, I told him that as long as I live (or he lives) I will hunt him down.

    I was disgusted when I heard that he is continuing stealing (this is what it comes to) from people who put their trust (and money) in him.

    I paid him $2500 — and well, you know the rest of the story. Fortunately the book I had given him has been republished and I’ve since had another 3 books published, but his other victims are still struggling to find other publishers.

    Adam Salviani has a criminal mind and he will eventually end up in jail because he will launch a major international fraud which the law of his country will not be able to ignore as it has ignored all my efforts to bring him to justice. I had even hired a New York lawyer — and surprise surprise, she turned out a fraud too.

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