bigstock_Audio_book_14340599-e1330386218724On Book Riot, A.J. O’Connell describes making a startling discovery. She had never tried audiobooks before, and when she finally got around to it—due to a book she wanted to read only being available from her library that way—her life changed. She writes, “My house is clean. Our household paperwork has been organized. My dog is better behaved. I’ve been exercising daily. I lost a whole pound.”

She proceeds to suggest a few things a new audiobook listener might need to gather up before they start, ranging from a device and an app to things like a full tank of gas, comfortable walking shoes, activewear, plenty of cleaning supplies, and a list of more chores to do. And other audiobooks to play when you’re done with that one.;

It’s an amusing article, and it brings to mind a wry truth about audiobooks—they’re great for occasions when you need to do mind-numbingly repetitive work that you don’t have to think about and need something to occupy your brain. I’ve started listening to audiobooks again myself during my current day job, as it’s simple copy-and-paste data entry that a zombie could do. (During my first data-entry job, I listened to the entire 48-book Nero Wolfe series. This last week at work, I played through Wil Wheaton reading Ready Player One.) Something tells me I’m going to get a lot of listening done during the next three months.

I wonder why I’ve never tried listening to audiobooks while cleaning up my apartment? Maybe I should give that a try, too.


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