Update: The publication date slipped, but Cochran has confirmed that the new publication date is to be November 1, and they should be available for pre-order on Amazon as of Friday, October 16th.

I just got off the phone with Connor Cochran, Peter S. Beagle’s publisher, who let me know some news that Beagle’s fans have been awaiting for quite some time. On October November 1, 2015, a number of new Kindle e-book editions of Peter S. Beagle novels, including The Last Unicorn, will go live on Amazon.

Details and prices are yet to be announced—they don’t even have pre-order pages yet, as far as I can tell—but apart from The Last Unicorn (to be available in both “Classic” and “Deluxe” editions), titles will include A Fine and Private Place, a new version of The Rhinoceros who Quoted Nietzche, The Line Between, We Never Talk About My Brother, Sleight of Hand, The Magician of Karakosk, Four Years Five Seasons, Mirror Kingdoms, These are They, and I See By My Outfit.

The Last Unicorn has only been released in an authorized e-book form once, briefly, as part of a Humble Book Bundle in 2013, and never since. Its release for Kindle will mark the first time the e-book has ever been available for individual purchase. (There is a The Last Unicorn e-book currently on Amazon, but this is a collection of the graphic novel adaptation of the story, not the actual prose book itself.)

This isn’t the only welcome news for Beagle fans, either. In a comment just posted to another story, Cochran noted that Two Hearts, the special-edition paper book of a sequel novella to The Last Unicorn, goes to press in September and will ship about six weeks later. This was the last hold-up to shipping a number of long-standing orders of The Last Unicorn audiobooks that were on hold awaiting its completion. The novella is also included in the “Deluxe Edition” e-book of The Last Unicorn; the paper book includes art by fantasy artist John Howe, best known for his work on Tolkien art and the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies.

A fully-restored version of The Last Unicorn animated movie has been on international tour over the last few years, though the tour recently had to be halted temporarily due to issues with Beagle’s health. Cochran hopes to resume the tour soon, and expand it to multiple theaters since Beagle will no longer be able to take part for the foreseeable future. Beagle settled with Granada Media in 2011, ending a long-standing dispute concerning royalties over the film.


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