1024px-Comcast_TruckAh, a preview of an Internet without a scintilla of  Neutrality? Early today, Google and Facebook were about the only Web sites I could reach at normal speeds. An overworked Net?  And yet some giant sites getting through anyway, with enough money and infrastructure. Never mind that the small fry suffered.

TeleRead just crawled along on my desktop screen even though a test site in Vancouver said everything was fine.  The Digital Reader likewise was pokey. Same for the New York Times. So much for the slogan on the truck in the photo: “Faster Internet.” Curious, I phoned Comcast. The Cable Guy didn’t hesitate a bit with an explanation when I asked why only certain sites were getting through at normal speeds. You see, I was told, the smaller, slower sites have not yet upgraded to Windows 10. Of course!

Could the actual truth be that Win 10 upgrades are bogging down the Net? Who knows? Whatever the case, it’s clear that the Cable Guy has caught the Windows 10 spirit. More seriously, perhaps the macro-level bandwidth considerations could be one argument for a distributed approach to getting the upgrade out. Still, my sharing remains off.

Photo credit: Dave Winer. Creative Commons licensed. Via WikiMedia Commons.


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