Spotted on shelves in branches of Waterstones but also found in many other locations and outlets across the UK, Wild & Wolf’s new range of highly styled styluses might well be looking to inspire some on-the-hoof highly mobile travel writing – or ticket bookings – if the designs are anything to go by. Wild & Wolf is “a British, design-led gift company specialising in a range of licensed and in-house designed gift collections,” and each stylus has a separate destination theme – from Venice and Paris to London and New York.

“Whether you like to jot in a notebook or whip out your touchscreen device, the Metropolitan slim touchscreen pen will do the job,” states the introduction. The same series also includes sunglasses cases, travel wallets, and manicure sets in matching styling.

For the less geographically inclined, there is also a range of Ted Baker styluses, with leather cases and a range of shades to match every nuance of the eponymous English designer’s creations. No need ever to be embarrassed again by your pen-stylus when you whip it out of the inside vest pocket of your handsomely tailored Ted Baker suit, guys.

Naturally, high style doesn’t come cheap, and in the case of the travel series, that’s £14.95 ($23.00) a pop, or £19.95 ($30.77) for the Ted Baker range. But there’s some things that are absolutely beyond price, luvvies. Ab fab.


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