ereaders_stuffThe UK magazine Stuff has an extensive review of the current crop of e-reader devices from all the major manufacturers available in the UK—the Kindle Paperwhite, Voyage, and basic Kindle, the Kobo Glow HD and Aura H2O, the Nook Glowlight, and the Bookeen Cybook Ocean.

They put a good deal of analysis into the different readers, anointing the Paperwhite their top pick overall with the Voyage a good alternate selection if the extra features are worth the extra money. The basic Kindle is all right, though a bit bare-bones now compared to the backlit readers Amazon and others now have on offer.

The Kobos were decent enough readers, with their EPUB support being a plus given that is what UK public library books use, but they suffered from integration into the klunky Kobo ecosystem. (They did like the idea of the Aura H2O water-resistant e-reader, though, for reading in the bathtub.)

The Nook and Cybook rounded out the selection. They liked the Nook’s lightness, but felt it came off as a little cheaply-made, especially by comparison to the Kindle Paperwhite. The Cybook Ocean has a bigger screen, but it’s also not quite as clear of a screen as the others. It has an SD card slot that the others lack, but it also has sharp edges that can make it uncomfortable to hold, and it seems to operate more sluggishly than the others.

This analysis largely seems to agree with the discussions we’ve had about the different e-readers, both on our blog and our podcast. Amazon seems to be doing a great job of making gizmos that are both easy to use and have the features consumers want, while the others are lagging behind a bit. But what do you think? Did Stuff get it right?


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