If you’re interested in any new tidbit of information about the legal matters surrounding the publishers’ and Apple’s implementation of agency pricing, here’s an interesting one for you. Publishers Weekly reports that Denise Cote, the judge in the class-action suit against Apple and the publishers, has ruled that Walter Isaacson, the the author of the Steve Jobs biography, does not have to divulge unpublished notes and interview materials to the law firm serving as the plaintiffs in the case.

The law firm wanted to see the notes to pick them over for anything that would lend support to the idea that Steve Jobs intentionally organized a conspiracy. However, Isaacson’s lawyer wrote that, while Isaacson will be happy to authenticate any Jobs quotes from the published biography, as a journalist he strenuously objected to disclosing unpublished material, and that it would be far more relevant to hear from Apple employees Jobs spoke with about the matter.

There are legal conditions that must be met before reporters can be legally required to divulge information. Judge Cote ruled that the plaintiffs may try again if their request can pass that test, but otherwise will not force Isaacson to comply.

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