The way it usually goes these days is that a book is a book first, and then an e-book—or at least, it’s book and e-book simultaneously. But serialized e-book program Serial Box is continuing to think outside the, well, box. reports that Simon & Schuster’s SAGA Press has picked up North American print rights for the stories coming out of Serial Box’s e-serial publishing program. It will release the Vatican black-ops adventure Bookburners in fall 2016, followed by Tremontaine and The Witch Who Came in From the Cold.

It seems entirely reasonable that these stories should come to print after their serial runs complete—much as TV series come out in boxed sets. There are still plenty of people who prefer their books to come on paper. And even for those who e-read, not everyone will be interested in following along with the serial; some will want to “binge read” instead. And this form of “binge reading” is more honest than Harlequin’s idea of chopping a book up into simultaneously-released pieces to enable it.


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