Here’s a great bargain for those of you using OS X: the writing app Scrivener is on sale for 50% off for the next 18 hours via This is a really handy tool and I use it all the time for writing and creating e-books out of my writings. (Some have even said it can be “a life-changing experience.”) It’s well worth its original price of $45, but at $22.50, it’s a real steal.

Update: Thanks to Gary LaPointe’s sharp eyes, it turns out the Windows version is also on sale for $20. Now you have no excuse not to grab it!

Unfortunately, the Windows version isn’t directly on sale. However, if you buy the Mac version at $22.50, you can add the Windows version for an additional $20, which means you can get the two different versions for a bit less than one regular version usually costs.

I simply can’t put into words how much utility I’ve gotten out of this application. Grab it while it’s cheap!


  1. I’ll second Chris’s endorsement of Scrivener. Microsoft Word’s target audience is people in business doing memos, letters, and reports. Scrivener was developed by a writer for writers. And writing means anything from short novels to long scholarly books.

    If you want, Scrivener can take you all the way from a few scattered ideas in an outline or on-screen notecards to an formatted epub. I draft and write in Scrivener until I’m only making minor changes because big edits (i.e. moving sections around) is far easier in Scrivener than in any word processing app. Then I move the content into InDesign for the final edit with the print and digital layout.

    Scrivener first appeared for Macs, so the Windows version isn’t quite a feature rich, but still quite useful. And most important of all, an iOS version that runs on iPhones and iPads should be coming out this summer. I’ve not upgraded my ancient MacBook because I’ve figured that, when it does, I’ll just write on my iPad with a keyboard.

    If you’re still uncertain whether to take the plunge, you can download a free 30-days-of-use trial here:

    But of course, unless your test quickly you’ll miss this excellent discount. Scrivener is already one of the best deals for writers on Macs and Windows. This deal makes it even better.

    Here’s a video overview by the developer:

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