PaperwhiteAd2016-02-09_21-33-01My $79 Amazon Fire HD 8 eight-inch tablet—quite a bargain compared to the usual $150—is running Moon+ Reader Pro and my other favorites. Thanks for the sale last month, Amazon.

I lucked out. You can’t do that well today, but here are other bargains online as of this writing, at least:

Fire HD 6, $69—the best deal now, at $30 off
Kindle Paperwhite 3, $99 (photo)
Kindle, $59
Kids Kindle Bundle, $79

(Via The eBook Reader and The Digital Reader.)


  1. FWIW, the Fire HD 6 for $69 only has 8GB of storage and is practically worthless since it offers neither an SD card nor OTG. The 16GB version is $89 and is usable but for another $25, the Dell Venue 8 is a much better deal since it’s faster, has an SD Card slot, OTG, an 8 inch display, 2GB RAM (vs 1GB for the Fire), 32GB of storage and runs *stock* Android Kit-Kat (including Google Apps which this Fire *can’t* run).

    I’ve had both and the Dell is a *huge* improvement.

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