RP-PB 19I’ve got so many external batteries lying around the house now that I joke with my husband we can keep our Kindles running for months in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse. But of course I was willing to accept one more when the folks from RAVPower offered to send me their [easyazon-link asin=”B00MQSMEEE” locale=”us”]RP-PB 19[/easyazon-link] to review.

The RAVPower RP-PB 19 is a 15000mAh external battery. I’ve been using a 14000mAh version for some months now, and it will charge my iPad 4 to a full charge from about 20%. This one will manage pretty close to a full charge. As for smaller devices, like phones and the afore-mentioned Kindles, it does even better. In theory, it should charge my HTC One M8 five times between charges. I haven’t counted, but I’ve used it to charge my phone, my FitBit and my Kindle, and it’s still got juice.

It comes with a carrying case and two USB to micro USB connectors. If you want to charge Apple devices, you’ll have to use the cables which came with the device.

With two slots, it can charge two devices at once. As I write this, it’s charging my phone and my Kindle at the same time.

RAVPower makes much of the iSmart technology in the device. With iSmart, the charger senses the charging needs of the device it’s charging and adjusts its power output to match. They say this leads to faster charging times. The only two identical devices I had were my Kindle and my husband’s. They were at close to the same battery leve, and I charged mine with the RP-PB 19 and his with another RAVPower battery which doesn’t have iSmart. They both finished charging within a couple of minutes of each other, so I can’t say I noticed much, if any difference.

Fast charging hasn’t been a big concern of mine, but it does seems to charge my FitBit a bit faster than a wall outlet.

What I like is that it’s a big battery which can handle two devices at once. We are going back to tent camping next year, and some of the places we want to stay don’t have power at the camp site. I’m planning to use our various external batteries to keep phones and Kindles charged while we’re hanging out in nature. Because Nature without our Kindles just isn’t right. 😉

Oh, and speaking of camping, did I mention the LED flashlight feature? No question that’ll come in handy between our tent and the bath house. It’s plenty bright enough for that.

I’ve been pleased with every RAVPower device I own, and if you’re looking for an external battery, I recommend them highly.


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