Larry Latham, creator of the fabulous Lovecraftian horror web comic Lovecraft is Missing, has passed away from cancer, leaving his marvelous ongoing series unfinished. As I mentioned only a couple of days ago, Larry Latham produced one of the most inspired and addictive variations on Lovecraftian themes currently going, and he will be hugely missed.

Kelly Reynolds, Larry Latham’s wife, announced his passing in a tribute on the LIM site:

Hello fellow LIM fans,

It is with a broken heart that I share this news–my husband, Larry Latham–the most talented man I know and the love of my life–left this earth Sunday evening (November 2) after a valiant battle with cancer.  This webcomic was his crowning achievement and brought him more joy than any other creative endeavor he has ever participated in. He was so appreciative of his readers and did not want to leave the story unfinished. I ask for your patience as I attempt to carry out his wishes and resume posting new issues in the near future with the help of many talented friends.

Thank you for your loyalty and support

The last update to the series is dated November 1st. Whether there will be any completion or further episodes of the series remains to be seen, and given Larry’s unique style, it seems hard to imagine. As it is, a huge fan base, as well as Lovecraftian horror fans and the entire comic art genre, have all been left poorer by this sad loss.



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