OysterOyster’s new e-book store is a logical step in the company’s progression – especially to compete against Amazon.

This addition is direct competition to Amazon because it offers readers everything they need in one app. Oyster already boasts more than one million books through its subscription service, which has been dubbed “Netflix for book,” but now it has all the Big Five publishers and others to offer titles in its e-book store.

By including a store, which has new releases and pre-orders along with the subscription model, Oyster has made a statement that they are ready to play and don’t plan on going anywhere.

Amazon, as a whole, certainly offers more to consumers. But for the reader, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription service, lacks the Big Five publishers. KU offers customers about 800,000 titles for $9.99 a month.

Oyster, on the other hand, includes the three of the Big Five along with several other publishers and distributors on subscription platform. According to the company, readers consume more than 100 million pages a month – up from eight million a month in December 2013. Oyster is a company that’s growing and can cause disruption to Amazon’s e-book world, if even for a short while.

But there is no way Oyster is thinking just about the short-term. The 2.0 rollout means the company is growing and planning for its next phase. It’s doesn’t seem content to just be a subscription-based service, although it has gotten them a strong foothold in the publishing world. Oyster instead is looking to become a place where readers can explore, purchase, browse and discover – or simply a place to lose yourself.

By adding another element, Oyster gives readers one less reason to close its app, which is a huge step in the battle for attention on your digital device.

While there will always be those who are loyal to Kindle, the e-reading world is made up of dozens of devices and apps. Oyster added a new element to stand out from the crowd.

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