A big gap still exists between the battery lives of E Ink e-readers and cell phones, and in particular the Nexus 6 is not as thrifty with juice as it could have been. But Google has caught religion, kind of.

The Nexus 6P will feature a 3450mAh battery to power the 5.7-inch screen and the rest. The current Nexus 6’s battery is 3220mAh.

On top of that, the 6P will benefit from power-saving features of Android M. “Marshmellow’s” benefits will spill over for owners of current Nexuses—I’m one. I can’t wait to see the actual numbers. It’s possible that battery life in standby may double. So what will it be like when the screen is on?

Here’s the lowdown on the Nexus 6P—expected to be announced Tuesday—by way a leaked image published in the Verge and elsewhere:



Huawei is making the new Nexus.

No, in in the battery life department, it still won’t be any match for E Ink devices. But it’ll be better.

Related: Earlier Verge story on the 6P. The 5.7 inch display is a little smaller than the current one, but the resolution is still supposed to be 2560 by 1440. Also see SlashGear story on the 6P.

Tip: To stretch out battery life of my Nexus 6 right now, I’m using 3X Battery Saver. What’s your own favorite save-ware for Android?

Oh, and if you really care about longer battery life, you can reduce your screen resolution and try out other tips from AndroidPit.


  1. I’ve been quite happy with the battery life on the Nexus 6 … it may just be the longest-lasting mobile device I’ve owned to date (although I never did pick up that Sony Z3 Compact…). I’ve certainly never run out at the end of a single day of reading.

    It’s a fantastic screen for reading, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it for others. (Keep in mind that I used to read on the original Palms…) The AMOLED is fantastic for night reading, but the screen exceeds the sharpness where I see any difference. My eyes are still good enough to pick up PDFs and text at a smaller size, but the screen isn’t quite large enough to render a magazine (yes, PDFs and magazines are different with today’s software). In other words, while the extra screen real estate is nice, I don’t notice a huge difference between 5 and 6 inches.

    Android is a great platform for reading, and I hope the new devices continue the tradition. 🙂

  2. I do believe that future releases of smartphones and other gadgets will battle it out on which offers the longest battery life. The features and applications available today are already steady and the battery life continues to be an issue for users.

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