durangaimanAs a last reminder, you have a little bit over 24 hours to shell out a little under $20 to the Humble Bundle to obtain a whole raft of Neil Gaiman rarities, including his first published book, a rare biography of the band Duran Duran that now goes for thousands of dollars in print. John Scalzi has a review of that particular book on Whatever right now.

The bundle has raised just under $540,000 at the moment. In addition to the charity donation which can be selected to receive some or all of the purchase price, Gaiman will be donating his share of the proceeds to charities, as will some of the other authors.

On a related note, Gaiman and his wife Amanda Palmer have just had a baby—Palmer’s first, Gaiman’s fourth child—which Gaiman refers to as “our not-so-humble bundle.” Congratulations and best wishes to the whole family.


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